Canarias contra el GNL

Listas de accidentes a causa del Gas Natural los últimos 40 años

LNG accidents within the past 40 yearsMethane Princess Spill, 1965. The LNG discharging arms on a vessel which were disconnected before the liquid lines had been completely drained – caused another LNG accident Jules Verne Spill, May 1965. Failure of the liquid level instrumentation – caused another LNG accident La Spezia, Italy, 1971. Phenomenon called rollover, where two layers of LNG having different densities and heat content are allowed to form back flow of natural gas from the compressor to the nitrogen line – caused another LNG accident Montreal East, Quebec, Canada, 1972.  Explosion occurred in the LNG liquefaction and peak shaving plant of Gaz Metropolitan in Montreal East, Quebec. The accident occurred in the control room due to a back flow of natural gas from the compressor to the nitrogen line.  Staten Island Tank Fire, USA, 1973.  A fire erupted at an out-of-service LNG tank that was being repaired. Forty workers then inside the tank were killed. LNG, which had leaked through the liner during previous fillings, had accumulated in the soil below and around the concrete tank wall berm. It has been assumed that an electrical spark in one of the irons or vacuum cleaners ignited the flammable gas reentering the tank.Massachusetts Barge Spill, July 1974. After a power failure and the automatic closure of the main liquid line valves, a small amount of LNG leaked from a 1-inch nitrogen-purge globe valve on the vessel’s liquid header - pressure surge caused by the valve closure induced the leakage of LNG – caused another LNG accident Aquarius Spill, September 1977. Difficulties in the liquid level gauge system – caused another LNG accident Das Island, United Arab Emirates, March 1978. Failure of a bottom pipe connection of a LNG tank– caused another LNG accident Cove Point, Maryland, 1979. LNG leak from a high-pressure pump found its way into an electrical conduit – caused another LNG accidentMostafa Ben Bouliad Spill, April 1979. A check valve in the piping system of a 125,000 cubic meter vessel failed – caused another LNG accident Pollenger Spill, April 1979. Leaking from a valve gland – caused another LNG accident Bontang, Indonesia, 1983. Rupture of a heat exchanger in an LNG plant and resultant explosion – caused another LNG accident    Nevada Test Site, Mercury, NV, 1987. An accidental ignition of an LNG vapor cloud occurred at the US Department of Energy (DOE) Nevada Test Site in August 1987.  Bachir Chihani, Hull Cracking, 1990. Inner hull fracture occurred in a 130,000 cubic meter vessel at a part of the ship’s structure that is prone to the high stresses that accompany the complex deflections that the hull encounters on the high seas – caused another LNG accident   Mediterranean Off Gibraltar, Minor LNG Carrier "Collision," November 13, 2002.  LNG carrier Norman Lady was struck off Gibraltar by the USS Oklahoma City, a Navy nuclear submarine. Minor damage to both vessels was caused by submarine periscope. The company said the vessel, had already unloaded its LNG cargo in Barcelona, Spain. Algeria, LNG Facility Explosion, January 19, 2004. LNG port facility designed to load only small LNG Tankers for short distances exploded; death toll: 27; workers injured:  74; blast felt miles away; facility destroyed; fires raged for 8 hours; property damage: approx. $ 1 Billion; cause: (initially believed: "defective boiler" which had earlier received "superficial repairs;"); insurance investigation determined cause: liquefied natural gas leak in pipeTrinidad Tobago, June 13, 2004. LNG turbine explodes, workers evacuated. Scores of workers had to be evacuated after a gas turbine at Atlantic LNG's Train 3 facility exploded.   Details Still Unfolding...Belgium, July 31, 2004. Fluxy's LNG gas pipeline explosion kills 15 in Belgium. It was the deadliest gas blast in Belgium since 1967, when a tanker truck carrying liquid gas blew up, killing 22 people. "Debris from the initial explosion was found up to four miles away" (BBC video)Norway, September 20, 2004.  LNG tanker adrift north of BergenA fully loaded LNG tanker with a crew of 14 was adrift west of Fedje, on the west coast of Norway, north of Bergen. The ship's engines had stopped, and the anchors were useless in the stormy weather. Tug boats couldn't get the tanker under tow until the ship was only 30 yards from hitting rocks. There was strong wind and bad weather conditions in the area, and preparations were made to evacuate the 800 persons living on the island of Fedje, for fear that the tanker would explode if it grounded, NRK reports. USA, March 2005. LNG Causes Pipeline Leaks and house explosion. On July 7, 2005, a company-sponsored study, launched after a District Heights house exploded in late March, found that subtle molecular differences in the imported liquefied natural gas the utility began using in August 2003 were drying the rubber seals of aging metal couplings that link sections of pipe. The breakdown of seals in the couplings of gas pipelines led to about 1,400 gas leaks during the past two years, and has required the company to launch a $144 million project to replace lines and equipment. Two other house explosions in the area are now under investigation.Nigeria, August 2005.  28-inch Liquefied Natural Gas underground pipeline exploded - Wild inferno engulfed an estimated 27 square kilometers. Eleven persons are feared missing and aquatic life completely destroyed when a 28-inch Liquefied Natural Gas underground pipeline exploded at Kalakama, an Ogoloma fishing community in Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State. The incident, which occurred at the weekend, resulted in a wild inferno which engulfed an estimated 27 square kilometers of the once rich Kalakama mangrove, killing sea foods and cash crops.So huge, the impact of the explosion was felt on the Okrika Island and the Borikiri area of Port Harcourt where, residents were forced into a stampede for safety. Nigeria LNG pipeline explosion India, September 17, 2005. Winds just over a mere 40 knots led to an accident at Petronet LNG Ltd's terminal at Dahej when the tug boats of LNG carrier "Disha" hit Dolphin Piles of the jetty. The LNG ship was casting off after unloading the cargo. Petronet LNG Ltd’s is evaluating the extent of damage. Mishap at Dahej LNG unit, supply hitSavannah, GA   March 14, 2006. A potentially disastrous spill was averted early Tuesday morning when the liquefied natural gas tanker Golar Freeze discharging its load at the Southern LNG terminal on Elba Island broke from its moorings and pulled away from the pier. The dock was shut down for about 36 hours while representatives from the Coast Guard and an LNG engineer from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission investigated the incident. Near-miss shuts down LNG imports on Elba

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